Reminiscing the Alma Mater

Nitish Rajora | Batch of 2016

Beginnings! A lot has been said, a lot has been felt by many. But, it startles me that I have no distinct memories of the beginning of the most significant journey of my life. I don’t remember my first day at Faith Academy in 2002 when I joined in Nursery. But, what flashes in front of my eyes of those 14 years are the infinite memories of Morning Assemblies, Sports Day and Annual Day celebrations, participating in the Memory Verse competitions, Christmas celebrations, those “very brief” PT periods, preparing for the unit tests and exams, the constant guidance of teachers and the immense love of friends, which contributed to my personal and spiritual growth and became an inseparable part of my journey here. The nurturing through Moral Education classes laid the foundation of my dreams.

The idea of pursuing Indian Administrative Service came to my mind back in 2014 in class XI, although then, I had no understanding of the procedure for the UPSC exam. Becoming an IAS officer has always fascinated me and this thought filled me with thrill and excitement. After passing class XII in the year 2016, I pursued my graduation and started full fledged UPSC preparation in the final year. The preparation phase was full of highs and lows. I gave my first attempt in 2019 but failed. It was a moment of self-introspection and the unparalleled faith in God imbibed in me from the very beginning in school that helped me regain the strength to continue the preparation for the next attempt. The perplexities throughout the process due to the pandemic accentuated the anxieties. Eventually, in 2020, while completing my Masters, I sat for my second attempt and was able to make it through with 268th rank.

Getting to achieve the dream that I first saw sitting on those wooden benches of class XI- E, reinstills my faith in the journey and our motto “The Truth will make you Free...” Now when I embark upon this new journey as an IAS officer, I take with me these values as my guiding light and strive to live up to the expectations of my Alma Mater.

From Bud to Bloom

Mrs. Sara Varkey | HOD English Dept.

I am so delighted and proud for Nitish Rajora, an alumnus of our school, on his great achievement in getting selected for the Indian Administrative Service. Sitting on the wooden desk in Class XI, overlooking the beautiful fountain of the lush green Faith Academy lawn, with the banana leaves gently swaying in the wind, Nitish had already set his mind to take up an IAS career. He knew the maxim that working today would give him high winning tomorrows. When he graduated from Faith Academy, we wished him great success to be an able bureaucrat and a torch bearer for the nation and true to the citation penned down for him, he vowed to fulfill the pledge that he had taken. Indeed, he has been blessed by the Lord to achieve his goal.

We wish him all success!